As experts in the antiviral field we offer our services to virtual start-up companies lacking the appropriate facilities to perform antiviral studies, and to large Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies seeking CROs with unique expertise in the virology field. Panoxyvir does not request ownership nor intellectual property rights over studies or compounds evaluated for other Life Sciences companies.

Antiviral services offered by Panoxyvir include a full menu of in vitro and ex vivo antiviral assays against several important human pathogens:

  • human herpes virus type 1 and 2
  • human cytomegalovirus
  • human adenovirus
  • human respiratory syncytial virus
  • human rhinovirus
  • human rotavirus
  • Zikavirus
  • human papillomavirus (pseudoviruses)
  • other viruses on request

Assays performed at Panoxyvir:

  • Plaque reduction assays
  • Virus yield reduction assays
  • Time of addition assays
  • Binding assays
  • Attachment/entry assays
  • Virus stability assessment (virucides and stabilizers)
  • In vitro drug-resistance virus selection
  • Ex vivo assays on reconstituted 3D respiratory, vaginal or intestinal human tissues
  • Customized virus production
  • Other assays on request

In vitro and/or ex vivo cytoxicity assays are available with all antiviral studies.

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