Panoxyvir is an academic spinoff of the University of Turin founded in November 2016 and recognized as innovative startup since February 2017.

It stems from the idea of Professor Giuseppe Poli (President and CEO), Professor David Lembo (CEO), and Andrea Civra (CTO) that in 2014 discovered and patented the antiviral activity of oxysterols, a family of cholesterol-derived physiological molecules endowed with strong inhibitory effect against rhinoviruses. Panoxyvir entrepreneurial project already achieved fundamental milestones:

  1. development of  a cost-effective  organic synthesis of oxysterols starting from low-priced material of plant origin.
  2. development of a first but already efficient oxysterol formulation.
  3. validation of the antiviral potential of such molecules not only in vitro but also on 3D reconstituted human respiratory epithelium.